Closeup of Mark Shapiro bowlJoin an evening pottery improv with Mark Shapiro and Sam Taylor

Thursday, November 1

Begins at 6:30 pm

In the spirit of our jazz club neighbor, Mark
and Sam Taylor will improvise and collaborate in our first Blues Alley pottery jam. Come enjoy free-style demos by these two sensational potters. Their past performances got rave reviews. For details and to register online, click here.

Jill Hinckley teaches throwing a large bowl

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Get your hands in clay, meet interesting people and share the magic of turning mud into functional objects. We offer instruction for all skill levels.
• Not sure the potter's wheel is for you? Find out in a one-time Try It! class. Click here for more information and to register online.

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Pot held by young potter

Clay for young potters

In our classes for young potters aged 9-14,

students get solid grounding in pottery
fundamentals. They develop skills in throwing on the potter’s wheel and variety of hand-building techniques to make cups, bowls and other simple forms. Registration for the winter sessions will open soon.

Details of Jill Hinckley pots

Our online shop is coming soon!

Hinckley Pottery is moving further into the digital age. Jill Hinckley's functional porcelain and stoneware pottery will soon be available for purchase online. We'll announce the launch soon. These porcelain pieces are among our first offerings. If you don't want to wait, visit our showroom on Blues Alley or check out Teaism in Washington DC.

More pots by Jill Hinckley