Cylinders, Choking & Bottles

Three Hands-On Workshops
Thursday • 6:30 to 9:30 pm
May 24, June 28, July 26

These workshops, part of a continuing series that explores specific skills in depth, are guided by Samantha Gordon of Great Hill Studio, a long-time Hinckley Pottery instructor.

May 24: Throwing a Basic Cylinder
If you have problems getting the weight out of the hips
of your pots, this is the intensive for you. • This session will focus on how to properly set up the clay and get the most out of three throws. • Appropriate for beginners as well as more advance potters who want to get back to basics.
June 28: Getting Control of Choking
With a focus on choking, this workshop explores wheel speed and hand speed, on how to apply pressure and come on and off the clay without knocking the lip of the pot off center. • Participants will want to have a basic knowledge of cylinder throwing.
July 26: Mastering Bottles
This intensive focuses on more advanced choking and shaping -- Choking long thin necks while
keeping the lip on center. Creating fat-bellied pots and choking without collapsing the belly. • Not for beginners. Participants should be able to throw a cylinder and be able to choke. • Participants will need to bring a picture, drawing or piece to show what they are trying to make.

Fee: $85 each intensive, $225 for all three

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