Making up missed classes

In this workaholic city of Washington, people need pottery. Our students come to rely on the sanity of clay and we try to be accommodating when the job or a family emergency keeps them away. But bear in mind that when you sign up for a session of wheel classes, we reserve a wheel for you for 10 weeks in a particular time slot. If you are unavoidably absent, you can do make-ups with a limit of three per session.

Make-ups cannot be taken in your regular class and must be taken during your 10-week session; they cannot be used to extend your session by a class or two. If you know you will be missing a class, you can also do a make-up before you go.

When you want to do a make-up, it's wise to check on space availability. Keep in mind that wheels are allocated first to students registered for that class, and then to any make-ups on a first-come, first-served basis.

If your circumstances change and the class you started in doesn't fit your new schedule, you can talk to your instructor about switching to another time slot. You'll be given credit for classes you haven't taken from the day you notify us.

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